Stop Listening To Your Inner Ctitic

Stop Listening To Your Inner Critic

You know that little voice in your head that keeps saying: 

  • You are bad
  • You can’t do it
  • It’s too hard
  • Not capable
  • Not worthy

I know how hard it was for me to become aware and stop the chatter and change the mind-set towards a healthy outcome. I began by paying attention whenever these negative thought forms would come up. They were tricky and would sneak in when I less expected them.

I began to wonder whether, I was enhancing them by agreeing to their presence and not being aware of the harm they were creating in my life preventing me from making better decisions for leading a life worthwhile?

Slowly as I listened, I would hear my inner critic saying words of lack and inability. I began to realize that these words were learned and that I could replace them with positive words. This required much attention and listening to displace their harmful affects.

At first I would hear their indictments and believe they were my truth. I realized that these words of my inner critic were learned and that I needed to find a way to replace these learned beliefs, which these words generated. If I continued to ignore them and refuse not to examine their reason for being I would remain their prisoner.

With this awareness, I began to listen more closely and I asked myself, where did these words come from? Understand that the words that run around in your head are the cause of your inner critic controlling your life and choices. Discover what it is that prevents you from a more meaningful life.

It was hard work to become aware of the inner voice and to stop believing its negative words and find a way to learn the how-to for changing the belief system. If I wanted freedom from this brainwashing I knew that awareness of my inner critic was the first step in changing my choices.

The inner critic was like the wind, and it would come and go unnoticed. It dominated my choices for expressing my true self. Slowly, I begin to see the connection between: my inner critic and my feelings and beliefs of not being worthy and my doubts of my abilities. With this connection I found freedom.

Understanding that words were just energy and I could change their vibrations into positive thoughts by replacing the inner critic with the inner divine self, that holds the truth of my being.

Understand that the words that run around in your head are the cause of your inner critic controlling your life and choices. Discover who it is that prevents you from a more meaningful life.

Are you aware of your inner critic? What tool do you use to change the negative thinking to which you are prone to a more positive outcome? I would love to hear about your inner critic and how you found a way to stop listening to its lies.

For me, the inner critic for years held me in its prison, until I found a way to confront its lies, and became aware of it presence. Poetry became the tool to touch the feelings of lack and believe that I am a powerful, loving and caring person, who is capable. The words set me free. Here is my poem of the inner critic:

                                    The Inner Critic

The fault-finding judge
Visited today
Hung around for days
Refusing to leave
Verbalizing endless accusations
You are bad
What good can come from you?
Around and around
This senseless mindless babble
Defines the who I am
Negative neurological imprinting
Demanding attention
This learned social neurological
Cultivation of word consciousness
Becomes a nagging problem
Caught in a web of endless words.
Displacing the inner critic
Telling it to get lost
Sets in motion positive change
©2016 PR Blumhagen  Indie Author
Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within :Spiritual Journeying
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About patricia720

Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach, nutritional counseling, Indie author of: Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying. I enjoy gardening, writing, reading, cooking and nature. My passion is to encourage and empower others to release, rebirth, reclaim their authentic self. I live in the beautiful Berkshire, MA and enjoy the four seasons. I like to sit on my porch and view the sunrise and sunset. Walking in the early morning and listening to the birds songs is a gift I give to myself. I am a searcher and dreamer and love learning.
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One Response to Stop Listening To Your Inner Ctitic

  1. patricia720 says:

    I feel it is vital to be aware of the inner critic because it takes away from your true self


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