Winter’s Mystery

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Winter’s Mystery
Time to go within
Spiritual Journeying
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(ISBN 978-0-578-07249-4)

A Collection of Transformational Poems & Photographs about Journeying Within

This is a journey in search of wholeness. It guides the seeker within the metaphorical birthing chamber towards the wonder of the True Self. The authentic individual emerges, and the actual winter’s mystery, upon which my book is based, becomes a diamond in the heart radiating love to all.

This rite of passage opens the door to discovering a richer and more powerful human being that is ready to share with others. In the present introduction, italicized words are also the titles of some of my poems. Before reflecting upon my own journey and methodology and before offering some guidelines to you on yours, let us touch upon the meaning of the mystery of winter, because winter is a metaphor of our spiritual journey.


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