Love Is In The Air Or Is It Commercialism?

Love Is In The Air Or Is It Commercialism

Shopping in stores you see valentine cards, candy, and flowers reminding you to show love. Don’t be fooled! This promotional induction is just to sell you false love and create guilt.

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen Pink Quartz

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen
Pink Quartz Filled With Love

I am not suggesting that you should not show outward expression of love by giving a gift, what I am saying is to make sure the buying and giving is coming from your heart.

This masquerade of promoter’s interest to show love on Valentines Day is just commercialism that I call,” Creating Psychology Guilt.” which keeps the money circulating, and a good thing in today’s economical decline.

This advising of “guilt love” is not the highest quality for showing love. The jester to purchase items that symbolize love is a good thing, what is not a good thing is to be influenced by society’s promotions for creating fault love.

For me, love is more then giving a gift —  it is giving myself to another in the good times and in the difficult times. Moreover, true love is being present to another by listening with compassion and acceptance. Everyone needs love and forgiveness.

Defining and expressing love is never easy, and moreover, requires much compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. To grow into this consciousness opens the door into Self-knowledge here, begins the journey for discovering the hidden reason for offering a token of love, and this process frees one from promotional conditioning. Going within to touch the deeper meaning for the gift of love allows one to give with the heart.

Removing the masquerade of lies and facing the hidden reason for showing love on Valentines’ Day is vital for not getting caught in the commercialism, and moreover, offers a meaningful expression of love.


Love has many faces some hidden, others known
Many pierce like a knife cutting away all security
Who can tell the pain?
The clown’s smile becomes the illusion
The saint’s way of life clouds the path
The fool travels in vain to obtain riches
Unaware of the deception
The wise person penetrates the masks seeking nothing

All is within
No need for questions
Just move inside
Where love’s mystery waits OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt wears no mask
Only a light that burns
Illuminating the darkness

Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying
Copyright © by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All rights reserved.
Posted PRB 02/12/2015 development

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Time To Journey

Photo By Patricia R. BlumhagenPhotograph by Patricia R Blumhagen

Time to journey, dear reader, for your voyage within to discover the gifts in the world where darkness is king and to embrace with compassion and understanding that which is    uncovered. Now is your moment to go within unearthing the buried treasure that is
you. You are the solution for change.

   Winter’s Mystery teaches a way to experience a sense of meaning and belonging. Nature waits to nurture the inner, where all is. It is in the heart where the whisper of healing is heard and where the road map is that leads home to the true self. When one recognizes that the only authority lies within, one has obtained abundance. There, the flower of consciousness expands.

There is gold that waits in Winter’s Mystery. The Guardian of your seed is calling you! Will you answer the call to follow and search out the resting place of your treasure? All wait for your yes to journey through darkness, to journey within the birthing chamber and to continue to journey towards light.

Begin again and again uncovering the lost you. Be present to your own knowing, not someone else’s knowing. Open the door leading to your most precious self. Can you not hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth, requesting you to bring forth the Tree of Life? It is time to move towards the new dawn and become a part of rebirthing yourself and the earth.

   Be courageous. Explore the root of your loss, fragmentation and alienation. That is where wholeness waits. Let go! Embrace the change, reconnection and transformation.

Then you will discover that nothing needs fixing, everything needs love and forgiveness. Nature’s lesson reminds you that nothing is forever and everything undergoes change. Searching for the undiscovered self is the ultimate journey.

   The process of journeying within to find and reclaim the lost self is essential to heal trauma and to make wholeness become a reality. Opening the door to this inner world
requires courage, alertness, and endurance. The effort is well worth your time.

May Winter’s Mystery offer you
Comfort and Healing
Connection and Insight
For making sense out of the chaos and
For honoring your
Divine Self.

Honor Your Journeying,

                     ©2010 Patricia R. Blumhagen – Winter’s Mystery – All rights reserved

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Ancient Grandmother

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen


You hold for all
The secret of abundance
You offer the seeds
Of new possibilities
Your presence stirs
Deep inner knowing
Long forgotten
Grounded in the eternal now
Pulsating rhythm of all

I call to you

To learn your medicine
Enfold me in your mantle
Of perception
Imparting your lessons
Of ancient wisdom
Give the food
To still this inner hunger
Put an end to my starvation
I long to sit near you
Learning to feast upon your mother wit
Birthing silence and growth
Where all is known

Copyright © 2011 by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All rights reserved. Posted PRB 1/21/2015


Nature offers the seed a home in which to rest and grow and when ready the seedling comes forth with its hidden potential to share. There is no growth without darkness. The choice to grow towards wholeness and self-knowledge is winter’s gift.

Winter is the time for Mother Earth to rest. It is our time to go within and prepare our new beginnings for rebirth. Traveling through winter’s darkness opens the door to revealing our healing and connection with our world and ourselves.

Many have lost their connection with Ancient Grandmother, and deny Her wisdom believing they know better. Look around and see that our rivers are filed with chemicals and other waste. Our food has additives with dangerous poisons that are creating diseases. Our water not fit to drink and our air filled with radiation. It does not look like the many are connected with Her wisdom.

In my poem Ancient Grandmother, I found healing in nature and witness the seasons of my life unfold. What amasses me in winter is the golden light that embraces each tree in the morning as the sun begins to rise. Have you seen it?

There are so many gifts for those who have eyes to see. May you find one of Nature’s gifts in your day.

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I find that writing is a tool for self-knowledge. Why? Because it offers the opportunity to confront ones inner dialogue of self doubts, feelings of inferior, devaluing oneself and believing I will fail.

These uncomfortable states are not only a part of self-growth but also a tool for success. Believe me, stressing the positive does not make them go away.

It might seem strange to realize that our dark hidden feelings may offer opportunities towards greater creativity.

But it is true!

I know from experience how hard it was for me to touch my feelings. The poems became the road map for traveling into the inner world and unearthing long buried treasures to obtain validation and self-acceptance,

Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within: Spiritual Journeying, offered me a creative process for writing poetry that set me free. Moreover, confidence to self-publish my poetic memoir of the odyssey of becoming.

If you find yourself stuck for words – pay attention to the feeling. Do not deny it. Find out why it needs to be present? Learn the lesson it is offering. Give it a name. Then, write down words to describe the feeling or draw a picture that represent the emotion.

Now, you are writing!

I want to share another poem from my book Winter’s Mystery-Time to Go Within:Spiritual Journeying Emotions and I hope that you will find many ways to create wonderful writing from working with your emotions.


     What paralysis me to remain petrified
Overcome by fear just standing in a daze
In a state of confusion, sensing disconnection
Experiencing alienation
Not wanted
Not capable
Unable to discover the why of its origin
Or its need to remain present?
Day after day
I’m pulled deeper and deeper
Into this world of senseless meaning
Images flooding the mind
Nurturing nameless impressions
Oh to catch a glimpse of their form
In the pool of reflecting waters

Confronting the phobia
Understanding that it is just energy
This healing balm bitter to taste
Sometimes difficult to swallow
This treatment is given for healing the pain
Try it!

Copyright by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All right reserved
Posted PRB 01/19/2015








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The Rose

There is so much uncertainty, fear, and stress in our world today, and the many
forces pushing us into this or that. I often ask myself, “How can I find the inner
strength to handle it all?

Where do I go to find deeper meaning and purpose to life?

I have found that finding a way to honor my inner knowing requires a different way of being. It necessitates time to stop and appreciate the beauty around me. Moreover, taking pleasure in the simple things, living from my heart, and remembering that I am of Divine origin.

To find the inner strength to handle all the forces requires courage, endurance, and love of self. Here is the inner work to uncover what hides in the unconscious and bring it into the light of consciousness with love and forgiveness. We can begin by giving attention to our inner thoughts and naming them.

I find comfort whenever I read certain quotes that touch me deeply. All cares are wiped away and I am left in the energy of the words. Listening to music that fills me with peace and calm offering inner peace. Reading poetry sooths my cares away.

One of my favorite songs is “The Rose” by Amanda McBroom. I placed it after the Dedication Page in my Winter’s Mystery book. I believe that love and hope are the foundation to heal our world and us.

Her song offers hope and meaning to the senseless acts done by humanity to humanity.


For the answer I return to “The Rose” because it fills me with
peace and provides meaning and purpose to life when non is available.

If we ponder Nature in winter there is life in the darkness and only in spring
we witness the seed’s potential. Herein, is the mystery of our winter for rebirthing
our human soul and stopping the inner and outer madness

May “The Rose” provide you that stillness that takes away all fear offering peace.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Rose

Some say love, it is a river
That drowns the tender reed
Some say love, it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love, it is a hunger
An endless, aching need
I say love, it is a flower
And you, it’s only seed

It’s the heart, afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It’s the dream, afraid of waking
That never takes the chance

It’s the one who won’t be taken
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong

Just remember, in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snows
Lie the seed, that with the sun’s love
In the spring, becomes the rose

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Inner Critic

Touching my inner critic was a tearing apart of what I had known. Once I was able to identity what was preventing me from writing I was able to move ahead. This catalyst freed me up to construct writing goals that actually yielded productive results.

Correcting my self-defeating mind-set began to uplift the expectations I was experiencing and unconsciously placing on my unwritten manuscript.

Realizing I had to do more than just correct my self-defeating thoughts like fear of rejection, and incapable. I knew that those feelings were not the root cause of why my writing was not progressing. I had to go deeper.

So, I began to dig deeper to uncover the root feelings like ashamed in the eyes
of friends and family for turning my back on my nursing profession. Moreover,
I felt like a fraud because I had not been formally trained to be a poet or writer.
Those were demons I had to face if I wanted to get passed chapter 1.

Woo what powerful insights to uproot my inner critic! Share with us the negative roots you are or have been digging up to uproot your inner critic?

Here is the poem of the Inner Critic arising from my inner most self.


Inner Critic

 The faultfinding judge
Visited today
Hung around for days
Refusing to leave
Verbalizing endless accusations
You are bad
What good can come from you?
Around and around
This senseless mindless babble
Defines the who I am
Negative neurological imprinting
Demanding attention
This learned social neurological
Cultivation of word consciousness
Becomes a nagging problem
Caught in a web of endless words.
Displacing the inner critic
Telling it to get lost
Sets in motion positive change

Copyright © 2010 by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All rights Reserved PRB posted 1-15-2015

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Set Me Free

 Deep within the muscle’s matrix
A voice calls out
Set me free
Set me free

Who are you I utter

Deep, deep within
A sensing organism begs to be liberated
Release me
Electro-neural muscle memory holds me in bondage

Deep within, layer upon layer struggling to come forth
These fixed habitual neural patterns
Stirring to unearth
Buried memories too painful to face
Energy in need of satisfaction waiting for transformation

 Who are you?
Come forth I beg you
Show yourself

 A voice cries
Pay the ransom
Snatch me from the jaws of death

                                                                                                     Copyright @ 2010 by Patricia R. Blumhagen
                                                                                               All rights reserved. posted PRB 1-14-2015


“Winter’s Mystery-Time to Go Within:Spiritual Journeying”

Journeying Through Darkness begins the poetic quest towards Wholeness.

This poem set me free is the wise teacher for learning my lessons about
wholeness. No longer clinging to the false beliefs, I let them go allowing the
unconscious to become conscious.

There is no where else to go to find wholeness then inside.
This door must be opened  and entered in order to exit from trauma.

I am learning that it is better to let go than to hold on. Not a easy process,
but one that is worth the effort.

Moving from victim consciousness towards wholeness I found how to
live my life in a more meaningful way. This insight offered me the
opportunity to set me free from being a victim to being a capable human being.

This process of journeying within to find and reclaim the lost self is essential  to
heal trauma. Courage, alertness, and endurance, are the signposts along the highway
leading you to the place where the lost self is buried.

It’s time, dear reader, for your journey within to open the door to your wonder
and become free. Go ahead! Unearth your buried treasure with compassion and forgiveness discovering your sense of meaning and purpose

Happy Journeying,


















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