Time for Heartfelt Appreciation

Time To Go Within Spiritual Journeying

Lift up your hearts in joy, hope and love.

Everyday celebrate your wonder

Every moment reclaim your inner knowing

I salute You and know

You are wonderful

Just as you are

 Time to let go of the old baggage

Reclaiming the new possibilities

In this moment

Recognize Your Inner Harvest.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Time for Heartfelt Appreciation

Lift up your hearts in joy, hope and love.

Everyday celebrate your wonder

Every moment reclaim your inner knowing

I salute You and know

You are wonderful

Just as you are

 Time to let go of the old baggage

Reclaiming the new possibilities

In this moment

Recognize Your Inner Harvest.

Happy Thanksgiving




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What Is Compassion?

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen

The Macmillan Dictionary defines compassion as: sympathy for another’s suffering or misfortune combined with a desire to help.

I like to define compassion as:

“Recognizing that the other person is me”

I feel it is these learned beliefs and expectation, along with the fear of rejection that we find it difficult to share feelings of sympathy to lend a helping hand and accept others where they are.

I have found instead of sympathy and tenderness, there is non-acceptance and cruel behavior that births feelings of fear, separation and rejection.

Changing the fear and non-acceptance into compassion must begin with me. Restoring the true self begins with inner acceptance and forgiveness of others and myself.  Finding new ways to reach out in love and non-judgement, putting myself in their place and feeling what it is like to be in their shoes.

The journey to define compassion begins with me. It is vital to become aware of the root cause of why I react instead of interact. This self-examination is necessary to transform the feelings of sympathy to the heart for another. Paying attention that the other person is a reflection of you. Next, consider the why or what you are feeling towards that person. Then, ask yourself, if these feelings are rooted in rejections or fear of not being accepted?

You decide!


Examining those hidden feelings brings forth freedom and compassion for oneself and others.

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen Pink Quartz

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen
Pink Quartz

Some things to consider for defining compassion:

  • What does compassion mean to you?
  • Do you find compassion a difficult experience to understand.
  • Have you considered that we are all part of each other?
  • Do you put yourself in another person’s place and feel what it is like to walk in their shoes?
  • Do you judge others by your learned beliefs and expectations of what they should be or do?

Please, share your comments:



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Reinventing Health Publishing

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Planting Seeds For New Beginnings

Planting the Seeds Of New Beginnings

Dear Reader,

Spring is arriving this evening and the snow is falling in Ashley Falls, MA.
How is spring arriving where you are? Today, I saw a few birds fly by
the window. I am getting ready to plant some seeds in the greenhouse,
but I need to remove the snow blocking the entrance. Hopefully,
by next week I will begin the sowing of the seeds.

As a gardener, the seed, for me, has always been a metaphor of life,
I see my life as a seed that journeys from darkness towards light.
Along, the way, I transform the old into the new as I journey within,
searching for another spring to come forth with my hidden potential.

I marvel at such a mystery of change from one form to another.
What forces are at work? Is energy the guiding light to bring forth

It is amassing to me how one tiny seed planted can transform
itself into a seedling with green leaves. Sometimes, I see a seedling
has an empty shell clinging to its leave. Is this a lesson in letting go?

What about the human mystery of transformation?

For me, it was a tearing of all that I had known, this was the alchemy
that created my process for transformation and freedom from the
emotional pain.

Over the years I have learned that only from the darkness of loss,
I found new beginnings emerging, and a way for rebirthing, and
releasing the authentic me.

Are you experiencing the Hero’s journey of becoming?
Have a question e-mail patricia@reinventinghealthpublishing.com

Winter is over, dear reader, time to bring forth your seedling.
What will you plant in your heart’s garden?

The Guardian of the Seed
Calls you
To plant in your heart
The seeds of
Appreciation and Joy

Nurture their potential
Guide their life-giving energy
Encourage them to come forth
Sharing their wisdom

Honor their uniqueness
Salute their presence
Observe their inner process
Guiding them toward their inner knowing
You are
The Guardian of the seed

Copyright © 2010 by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All rights reserved

Will You Answer The Call?

Now, it’s time to wake from sleep and prepare the heart soil for the planting.

Where to begin?
Close your eyes and center your attention on your heart

Then slowly, breath in love

Image that the heart is expanding into a flame that radiates white light

Feel the light filling heart with appreciation and joy

Now breath out any negative emotion that prevents the light from filling your heart

Be gentle and blow love into your heart’s seeds of new beginnings.

Then plant them into your heart’s essence

Be still and listen to their wisdom

Be gentle, and wait while they come forth with your potential.

Breath in love
Breath out rebirth

Breath in appreciation
Breath out joy

Happy springtime,

photo of Pink Tulips by Patricia R. Blumhagen

photo of Pink Tulips by Patricia R. Blumhagen

http://www.reinventinghealthpublishing/personal development

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Love Is In The Air Or Is It Commercialism?

Love Is In The Air Or Is It Commercialism

Shopping in stores you see valentine cards, candy, and flowers reminding you to show love. Don’t be fooled! This promotional induction is just to sell you false love and create guilt.

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen Pink Quartz

Photo by Patricia R. Blumhagen
Pink Quartz Filled With Love

I am not suggesting that you should not show outward expression of love by giving a gift, what I am saying is to make sure the buying and giving is coming from your heart.

This masquerade of promoter’s interest to show love on Valentines Day is just commercialism that I call,” Creating Psychology Guilt.” which keeps the money circulating, and a good thing in today’s economical decline.

This advising of “guilt love” is not the highest quality for showing love. The jester to purchase items that symbolize love is a good thing, what is not a good thing is to be influenced by society’s promotions for creating fault love.

For me, love is more then giving a gift —  it is giving myself to another in the good times and in the difficult times. Moreover, true love is being present to another by listening with compassion and acceptance. Everyone needs love and forgiveness.

Defining and expressing love is never easy, and moreover, requires much compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. To grow into this consciousness opens the door into Self-knowledge here, begins the journey for discovering the hidden reason for offering a token of love, and this process frees one from promotional conditioning. Going within to touch the deeper meaning for the gift of love allows one to give with the heart.

Removing the masquerade of lies and facing the hidden reason for showing love on Valentines’ Day is vital for not getting caught in the commercialism, and moreover, offers a meaningful expression of love.


Love has many faces some hidden, others known
Many pierce like a knife cutting away all security
Who can tell the pain?
The clown’s smile becomes the illusion
The saint’s way of life clouds the path
The fool travels in vain to obtain riches
Unaware of the deception
The wise person penetrates the masks seeking nothing

All is within
No need for questions
Just move inside
Where love’s mystery waits OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt wears no mask
Only a light that burns
Illuminating the darkness

Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying
Copyright © by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All rights reserved.
Posted PRB 02/12/2015

http://wwwreinventinghealthpublishing.com/personal development

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Time To Journey

Photo By Patricia R. BlumhagenPhotograph by Patricia R Blumhagen

Time to journey, dear reader, for your voyage within to discover the gifts in the world where darkness is king and to embrace with compassion and understanding that which is    uncovered. Now is your moment to go within unearthing the buried treasure that is
you. You are the solution for change.

   Winter’s Mystery teaches a way to experience a sense of meaning and belonging. Nature waits to nurture the inner, where all is. It is in the heart where the whisper of healing is heard and where the road map is that leads home to the true self. When one recognizes that the only authority lies within, one has obtained abundance. There, the flower of consciousness expands.

There is gold that waits in Winter’s Mystery. The Guardian of your seed is calling you! Will you answer the call to follow and search out the resting place of your treasure? All wait for your yes to journey through darkness, to journey within the birthing chamber and to continue to journey towards light.

Begin again and again uncovering the lost you. Be present to your own knowing, not someone else’s knowing. Open the door leading to your most precious self. Can you not hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth, requesting you to bring forth the Tree of Life? It is time to move towards the new dawn and become a part of rebirthing yourself and the earth.

   Be courageous. Explore the root of your loss, fragmentation and alienation. That is where wholeness waits. Let go! Embrace the change, reconnection and transformation.

Then you will discover that nothing needs fixing, everything needs love and forgiveness. Nature’s lesson reminds you that nothing is forever and everything undergoes change. Searching for the undiscovered self is the ultimate journey.

   The process of journeying within to find and reclaim the lost self is essential to heal trauma and to make wholeness become a reality. Opening the door to this inner world
requires courage, alertness, and endurance. The effort is well worth your time.

May Winter’s Mystery offer you
Comfort and Healing
Connection and Insight
For making sense out of the chaos and
For honoring your
Divine Self.

Honor Your Journeying,

                     ©2010 Patricia R. Blumhagen – Winter’s Mystery – All rights reserved




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