Planting Seeds For New Beginnings

Planting the Seeds Of New Beginnings

Dear Reader,

Spring is arriving this evening and the snow is falling in Ashley Falls, MA.
How is spring arriving where you are? Today, I saw a few birds fly by
the window. I am getting ready to plant some seeds in the greenhouse,
but I need to remove the snow blocking the entrance. Hopefully,
by next week I will begin the sowing of the seeds.

As a gardener, the seed, for me, has always been a metaphor of life,
I see my life as a seed that journeys from darkness towards light.
Along, the way, I transform the old into the new as I journey within,
searching for another spring to come forth with my hidden potential.

I marvel at such a mystery of change from one form to another.
What forces are at work? Is energy the guiding light to bring forth

It is amassing to me how one tiny seed planted can transform
itself into a seedling with green leaves. Sometimes, I see a seedling
has an empty shell clinging to its leave. Is this a lesson in letting go?

What about the human mystery of transformation?

For me, it was a tearing of all that I had known, this was the alchemy
that created my process for transformation and freedom from the
emotional pain.

Over the years I have learned that only from the darkness of loss,
I found new beginnings emerging, and a way for rebirthing, and
releasing the authentic me.

Are you experiencing the Hero’s journey of becoming?
Have a question e-mail

Winter is over, dear reader, time to bring forth your seedling.
What will you plant in your heart’s garden?

The Guardian of the Seed
Calls you
To plant in your heart
The seeds of
Appreciation and Joy

Nurture their potential
Guide their life-giving energy
Encourage them to come forth
Sharing their wisdom

Honor their uniqueness
Salute their presence
Observe their inner process
Guiding them toward their inner knowing
You are
The Guardian of the seed

Copyright © 2010 by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All rights reserved

Will You Answer The Call?

Now, it’s time to wake from sleep and prepare the heart soil for the planting.

Where to begin?
Close your eyes and center your attention on your heart

Then slowly, breath in love

Image that the heart is expanding into a flame that radiates white light

Feel the light filling heart with appreciation and joy

Now breath out any negative emotion that prevents the light from filling your heart

Be gentle and blow love into your heart’s seeds of new beginnings.

Then plant them into your heart’s essence

Be still and listen to their wisdom

Be gentle, and wait while they come forth with your potential.

Breath in love
Breath out rebirth

Breath in appreciation
Breath out joy

Happy springtime,

photo of Pink Tulips by Patricia R. Blumhagen

photo of Pink Tulips by Patricia R. Blumhagen
http://www.reinventinghealthpublishing/personal development


About patricia720

Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach, nutritional counseling, Indie author of: Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying. I enjoy gardening, writing, reading, cooking and nature. My passion is to encourage and empower others to release, rebirth, reclaim their authentic self. I live in the beautiful Berkshire, MA and enjoy the four seasons. I like to sit on my porch and view the sunrise and sunset. Walking in the early morning and listening to the birds songs is a gift I give to myself. I am a searcher and dreamer and love learning.
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