I find that writing is a tool for self-knowledge. Why? Because it offers the opportunity to confront ones inner dialogue of self doubts, feelings of inferior, devaluing oneself and believing I will fail.

These uncomfortable states are not only a part of self-growth but also a tool for success. Believe me, stressing the positive does not make them go away.

It might seem strange to realize that our dark hidden feelings may offer opportunities towards greater creativity.

But it is true!

I know from experience how hard it was for me to touch my feelings. The poems became the road map for traveling into the inner world and unearthing long buried treasures to obtain validation and self-acceptance,

Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within: Spiritual Journeying, offered me a creative process for writing poetry that set me free. Moreover, confidence to self-publish my poetic memoir of the odyssey of becoming.

If you find yourself stuck for words – pay attention to the feeling. Do not deny it. Find out why it needs to be present? Learn the lesson it is offering. Give it a name. Then, write down words to describe the feeling or draw a picture that represent the emotion.

Now, you are writing!

I want to share another poem from my book Winter’s Mystery-Time to Go Within:Spiritual Journeying Emotions and I hope that you will find many ways to create wonderful writing from working with your emotions.


     What paralysis me to remain petrified
Overcome by fear just standing in a daze
In a state of confusion, sensing disconnection
Experiencing alienation
Not wanted
Not capable
Unable to discover the why of its origin
Or its need to remain present?
Day after day
I’m pulled deeper and deeper
Into this world of senseless meaning
Images flooding the mind
Nurturing nameless impressions
Oh to catch a glimpse of their form
In the pool of reflecting waters

Confronting the phobia
Understanding that it is just energy
This healing balm bitter to taste
Sometimes difficult to swallow
This treatment is given for healing the pain
Try it!

Copyright by Patricia R. Blumhagen
All right reserved
Posted PRB 01/19/2015










About patricia720

Interfaith Minister, spiritual coach, nutritional counseling, Indie author of: Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying. I enjoy gardening, writing, reading, cooking and nature. My passion is to encourage and empower others to release, rebirth, reclaim their authentic self. I live in the beautiful Berkshire, MA and enjoy the four seasons. I like to sit on my porch and view the sunrise and sunset. Walking in the early morning and listening to the birds songs is a gift I give to myself. I am a searcher and dreamer and love learning.
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